Small Mine Production

Do you have a small mining operation and want to get into production fast? Do you want to demonstrate production capacity now and generate capital for rapid expansion? Modular technology packages designed and manufactured by emew are ideally suited to small scale mining and capital sensitive projects such as:

  • Copper oxide ores
  • Complex, polymetallic ores
  • High grade silver and silver/gold ores

The modular nature and low minimum economic investment let’s you get into production quickly to start generating revenue while also ensuring seamless expansion down the road.  

For low ore grades, emew electrowinning can be coupled with solvent extraction (SX) or ion exchange (IX) for an economically attractive modular process plant.  

For smaller scale high grade mines emew can rapidly deploy pilot or compact commercial plants in as little as 3 months so you can start generating revenue quickly and effortlessly expand to fit your growing production requirements. These modular, portable plants can also be moved to alternate locations as ore grades and production schedules dictate.  

Process optimization is key for project growth and generating more value for shareholders. Rapid expansion and seamless integration into existing operations is essential. Modular emew systems offer rapid expansion capabilities, process flexibility and timely payback to realize maximum growth from existing operations.  Our engineers work with your project team to seamlessly tie-in expansion modules to minimize downtime and get your expanded operation generating more revenue as quickly as possible.

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