Metal Recovery Made Simple

Complete metal recovery solutions for metal production, recycling, and wastewater treatment.

Metal Recovery Made Simple

Complete metal recovery solutions for metal production, recycling, and wastewater treatment.

Promoting Circular Economy

Our vision is of a sustainable future based on the circular economy.

To help fulfill this vision, our mission is to deliver clean technologies for metal recovery under the emew Smart SystemTMThis is a complete suite of hardware, patented technologies, and know-how accumulated over nearly 30 years, incorporating the principles of green chemistry and the invention of the original “vortex” electrowinning technology. As a result, we create value in metal recovery whilst meeting important ESG obligations.

emew smart system

emew Smart SystemTM

The complete suite of technologies incorporated in the emew Smart SystemTM allows us to recover metals from a variety of feeds, including mining ores, electronic waste, silver and copper refining bleed, batteries, solar panels, PGMs, and many more. The output is a saleable metal cathode or powder of the highest purity.

safer and cleaner electrowinning

Safer & Cleaner

A closed system offers complete dust and acid elimination

Low Concentrations

Capable to recover metal from low-grade feed and concentrations

Acid Regeneration

Up to 90% of the acid used is regenerated and reused in the electrowinning cycle

emew cell animation

High Purity

Producing very high-purity salable metal from a variety of feeds

rapid deployment electrowinning plant

Rapid Start-up

Modular systems allow for a fast start-up and expansion

wide capacity range

Wide Capacity Range

Commercial viability with fast payback for projects of any size

Advanced copper recovery technology

The most advanced technology for copper recovery provided by emew features a unique cell design that delivers high-grade saleable cathode (even from secondary liberators) improved current and energy efficiency, improved copper and impurity control over a range of concentrations, recycling of acid, and reduction in effluents.  

Signature silver recovery process

Silver refining demands technology that can achieve the highest purity coupled with advanced security features and low working capital. The proprietary emew silver process can produce up to .99999 silver.

Revolutionary nickel recovery technology

We have been able to revolutionize the way Nickel and Cobalt are electrowon, and with the clever combination of emew electrowinning and process methodology we are able to recover metals from a variety of feeds including E-Waste, Nickel/Cobalt scrap, Nickel by-products, batteries, refinery bleed, SX/EW bleed and finishing bath.

emew nickel recovery electrowinning

Featured Case Studies

Learn how our customers found value in their waste streams and recover base and precious metals in a safe, economical, and efficient way with payback in only 2 years

basics of electrowinning
emew advanced copper liberators
emew silver process

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