Nickel Creek Platinum Preparing for EV demand

Nickel Creek Platinum has begun an exploration project in the Yukon, Canada, which is one of the largest undeveloped nickel-copper sulphide and platinum group metals (PGM) deposits in North America. In January of this year, they made a strategic name change of their project, Wellgreen Platinum to Nickel Shäw, recognizing their partnership with the Kluane First Nation. In the language of the Southern Tutchone Kluane, Shäw means big, so the project has been renamed to big nickel. They felt nickel was a huge part of the project (indicated reserves of 2b lbs of nickel, 6m oz of PGMs and gold, as well as 1b lbs of copper) providing approximately 53% of the project revenues. The aim is to meet the on-going demand for electric vehicles (EVs) which is why they want to focus the project towards a production decision vs. exploration. The mine life is estimated to be between 20-25 years and is fully funded for the 2018 work programme.

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