Silver Electrolysis

Silver electrolysis demands technology that can achieve the highest purity coupled with advanced security features and low working capital. The proprietary emew silver process can produce up to 999.99 silver.  No other technology can produce this purity of silver in the presence of impurities.

This short animation explains the basic operating concepts of the fully automatic emew silver electrolysis plant:

A completely enclosed system, emew eliminates acid mist and promotes a safer environment for operators and management. The emew silver electrolysis system is low maintenance, worry-free, and fully automatic with minimal labour requirements.

clean metal production

The high purity silver powder is automatically harvested using a flush through technology to a single collection point ensuring the utmost security, with no losses and simplified metallurgical accounting. A single batch can be processed in as little as 8 hours significantly reducing working capital or WIP which in itself can pay for the upgrade to emew.

Enhanced security, improved metallurgical accounting and significantly reduced working capital make emew the ideal fit for your silver electrolysis or metal recovery operation. Do you have little space for an expansion or retrofit? These systems are compact with 1000 kg/day production capacity fitting into as little as 25 m2 (269 ft2).

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