Wastewater Treatment

Minimizing environmental impact and enhancing the places we operate is key to a successful business. Unfortunately many industrial and manufacturing processes produce unwanted by-products and waste water that cannot be easily treated onsite and must be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Off-site treatment with a hazardous waste contractor can be very costly and does not align with corporate sustainability objectives.

Custom designed and engineered emew metal recovery systems are ideal to recover high purity metals such as copper, nickel, tin, silver and others from mixed-metal, contaminated wastewater and other effluent streams. The pure metal recovered can be reused within your operation, or sold to offset processing costs. The metal-depleted effluent can also be reused or further treated in an existing effluent treatment plant prior to discharge. By reducing waste bound for landfills and recovering saleable metal, emew is committed to helping our clients achieve their most stringent environmental targets and closed loop sustainability objectives. And for waste disposal facilities, why not use emew to recover these metal values from wastewater and effluent rather than losing this revenue stream to landfill.

For hazardous waste generated from semiconductor Back End of Line (BEOL) interconnects, solar cell manufacturing, and pickling baths in rod and wire mills, emew can help your operation save millions in industrial wastewater treatment costs and recover valuable metals for reuse or sale.  In most cases, the savings in off-site disposal costs can pay for an onsite emew system in less than 12 months.  

Clean technology solutions offered by emew are also ideal for recovering metals from mine waters and runoffs. Oxidized tailings resulting from natural weathering coupled with rain and runoff are a source of acid rock (ARD) which has plagued many communities and ecosystems on every continent. The challenge with ARD is the relatively low metal concentrations, high acidity and high dissolved iron (usually as ferric) along with often high flow rates. emew electrowinning pairs well with ion exchange (IX) and solvent extraction (SX) to concentrate the metal values enabling recovery of high purity metals from ARD and other dilute mine waters, runoffs, and discharges. The modular nature of these metal recovery systems enables them to be relocated at the end of one project with easy start-up at a new site just down the road or half a world away.