silver refinery

Due to the increase in electric and electronic equipment (EEEs), high-purity silver continues to be in high demand. Silver demand has exceeded silver mining production for the past few years, but the global supply has nearly met the demand each and every year – thanks to silver recovery, recycling, and silver refining.

Silver recycling will also be critical to meet future demand, especially as the general demand for metals increases globally in relation to technological growth. High-purity silver can be produced from silver refining and silver recycling by utilizing a series of methods and processes, such as silver electrowinning and electrorefining.

With emew SystemTM, silver can be recovered to a purity of up to 99.999%, even in the presence of base metals. Impurities such as cadmium, copper, lead, and others are easily rejected. The technology offers the ability to recover high-purity silver from many different solutions including caustic cyanide PLS, nitric acid electrolyte, refinery by-products, bleed streams,  effluent streams, low-grade waste materials, scrap and shredder residues, and plating baths.