Metals Marketplace

On behalf of our customers and partners around the world, we’re actively seeking the materials listed below which are readily processed using emew technologies. If you have any of these materials we can help you with process technology or a processor to purchase your materials.

sell silver dore material

Low Grade Silver Dore

sell silver tungsten scrap

Silver/Tungsten Scrap

sell electrical connectors waste feed

Electrical Contacts with Silver

sell e-waste copper concentrate material

E-Waste Copper Concentrate

sell tin coated copper cables from solar panels

Solar Panel Cables

(Tin coated Copper)

sell cobalt-containing materials feed

Nickel/Cobalt Material

sell Iridium-Containing-Scrap-Concentrate feed

Iridium-Containing Scrap & Concentrate

sell metal rich material and feeds

Other Metal-Rich Materials

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