The fully automated emewPowder cells use the same basic philosophy as emewPlate cells, however, they are designed to produce a metal powder.  The emewPowder cells generally operate at lower target metal concentrations (<5 g/L), higher current density and lower flow rate than their plating cell counterparts.  The metal powder formed on the cathode surface is automatically harvested using a flush-through methodology.  The closed nature of these cells coupled with automated flushing makes them ideally suited for precious metals applications such as silver, silver-gold and palladium.  Having a single collection point for the precious metal enhances security, reduces losses and facilitates metallurgical accounting.  In addition to precious metals, emewPowder systems are also used to produce specialty powders such as electrolytic copper and nickel powders, as well as bismuth and copper arsenide.

Powder Metallurgy

Use emewPowder cells to economically produce electrolytic metal powders customized to meet your most demanding powder metallurgy requirements.  The unique cell design delivers the highest purity powder and lowest lead content possible with high green strength and different apparent densities. Customizable manufacturing processes are available with automated harvesting that can produce a diverse range of electrolytic metal powders with unsurpassed properties.  The specialists at emew have designed processes for niche powder applications and industries including friction materials, lubrication, coatings, electronics and electrical contacts, anti-fouling, welding and blazing, conductive oils and greases, sintering and many more.

emew powder metallurgy

Metal Powder Production Capabilities

A significant achievement in powder metallurgy is the ability to produce metal powders with customized densities, particle size distributions (PSD) and microstructures or morphologies. The emew team has done just that with the patented and proprietary emew powder cell. Through carefully crafted methodologies and control of process variables, emewPowder is your solution to produce dendritic metal powders that meet the most demanding applications in the automotive, electronics, chemicals, and other industries. Click here to find out how your business can benefit from using emew to produce silver, silver-gold, copper, copper-silver, nickel or other dendritic metal powders of select purity, particle size, density and even morphology.

metal powder production