Complementary Technologies

The emew Group has assembled a suite of complementary technologies that go beyond electrowinning to provide clean technology solutions for environmental stewardship, metal recovery, energy efficiency and waste water treatment.


Very often the most difficult part of effective metals recovery from sludges and solid materials is getting into a solution for separation and selective recovery. A range of effective digestion and leaching technologies are offered by emew along with the know-how for getting various difficult to process metals into a solution for separation and production as saleable metals.


Ion Exchange (IX)

Ion Exchange (IX) processes allow for purification and concentration of targeted ions from solutions for selective recovery. Examples include separation of nickel from cobalt, separation of palladium from silver, copper from chlorides or mine waste waters and nickel from electroless nickel solutions. In most cases the Ion Exchange units are self-contained, skid mounted and controlled by PLC.  The relatively simple operation of ion exchange on a small scale vs solvent extraction makes the technology ideally suited for rapid set up in small to medium sized operations.
Variations such as continuous IX and fluid bed IX offer advantages over conventional fixed bed IX for solutions with suspended solids and minimizing rinse waters used in the ion exchange process.

ion exchange

Solvent Extraction (SX)

Solvent Extraction (SX) has been used for over 50 years in the copper industry for concentration and purification of copper and other solutions prior to electrowinning. Solvent Extraction is common for treating complex, low grade electrolytes for separation, purification, enrichment, and recovery.

Solvent extraction plants are closed loop in concert with leaching and electrowinning with optimum recycling of reagents to produce metal cathode. SX can also be used to extract and separate nickel and cobalt from chloride, ammoniacal, and sulphate solutions. Low cost, modular SX plants offered by emew are ideal for small scale mining and capital sensitive projects.