Customer Driven Innovation

At emew, we love our customers and we love a challenge.  Over the years we have had many customers approach us with unique metal recovery applications that required more than just ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions.  We thrive on rising to the challenge to develop process and/or technology solutions that meet the needs of our global customer base.  

customer driven innovation

Do you have a difficult to treat feed material or waste stream that is currently undervalued? Are you searching for a process that would let you unlock the value of low-grade, mixed-metal residues or effluent streams? The process engineers at emew have years of experience in designing processes to extract, concentrate, recover and unlock value from the most complex materials. Often the key is just thinking a bit differently or approaching the problem with a fresh perspective. Can waste become a revenue stream? Can a process stream be recycled to minimize waste or add more value? Can a waste stream be eliminated entirely saving millions in operating costs? These are the challenges our process engineers live for.  

customer driven innovation

The world renowned emew electrowinning technology has come a long way since the original 4” emew cell was developed over 20 years ago. The original emew plating cell has become larger and more robust with higher production capacity. Eventually, a completely automatic powder cell was developed that was ideal for precious metals and powder metallurgy, followed by a polishing cell that is able to deplete metals to less than 5ppm.  Then we began combining different emew technologies into systems that can tackle even more complex metallurgical, environmental and financial challenges.  Most if not all of these were the result of a customer that had a problem that needed to be solved and we put our best engineers to the test.

Would you like to put our engineers to the test?  You might be just on the verge of the next innovation in emew.  

Over the course of 20 years, emew has evolved as a company and as a brand. Originally, emew was an acronym which stood for Electrometals Electrowinning that became well known across the globe as the gold standard in cyclone or vortex electrowinning. This novel technology has since developed into larger cells, powder cells, polishing cells and unique hybrids that have expanded the application and use of electrowinning.
On our quest to deliver the highest quality, most robust, and competitively priced electrowinning equipment, it became evident that our valued customers were in need of other process solutions up and downstream from electrowinning. Armed with this mandate from our customers, emew set out to assemble a set of complementary technologies that go beyond electrowinning and enable our customers to recover metal from virtually any application.
In 2016, Electrometals officially changed its name to emew, a change that not only commemorates the 20 year heritage of the emew brand, but also signifies the evolution of emew electrowinning technology into new applications and markets.
In the proud tradition of emew, the company now offer the following advanced process technologies for environmental remediation, fluid treatment and metal production:
  • emewNet:  Smart systems and Internet connectivity for advanced process management
  • emewIX/emewSX:  Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction technologies
  • emewPrep:  Digestion and evaporation technologies
  • emewCare:  Spare parts and expert services
emew beyond electrowinning