Tin may be in the dark for now, but Kasbah Resources intends to make sure that it is not forgotten

Tin is a metal that has been in the shadows for the past few years, until recently when Rio Tinto labeled tin as the metal most likely to be impacted by new and emerging technology. Tin is most likely to be impacted by advanced computation and artificial intelligence (AI), followed by electrical vehicles (EVs), advanced robotics, and renewable energy; it’s even been dubbed the “spice element” because a little bit of it is used in everything. Kasbah Resources Ltd. has had their sights set on the tin for a long time and has just finished their feasibility study of the Achmmach mine in Morocco. The estimated lifespan of this underground mine is ten years, producing 750,000 tonnes per year of ore at an average grade of 0.82%. Kasbah has recognized the importance of tin; with almost 50% of refined tin produced being used in solder – essential to smartphones and most electronics, it is truly the glue that holds technology together. With only one-third of tin produced annually coming from recycled sources, Kasbah wants to enter this 350,000 tonnes/year market as early as 2020 and help meet the demand of tin for years to come.

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