Tin may be in the dark for now, but Kasbah Resources intends to make sure that it is not forgotten

Tin is a metal that has been in the shadows for the past few years, until recently when Rio Tinto labeled tin as the metal most likely to be impacted…

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To Asia and Back: Royal Nickel Corp.’s Unconventional Plans for Nickel

Royal Nickel Corp. (RNC) is a young Canadian company who is looking to break into the Canadian nickel industry, in a very different way. They want to mine nickel concentrate…

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Digging Back to WWII, how Cobalt Demand is Causing Us to Look Through the History Books

Cobalt is primarily mined in the DRC, but recently people have been looking elsewhere; Chileans are looking as far back as WWII. La Cobaltera is a mine in Chile that…

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Nickel Demand is Growing by the Minute and we’re Struggling to Catch up

In 2017, global consumption of nickel was just over 2.1 million tonnes, two-thirds of which was used by the stainless steel industry. Nickel usage is projected to rise 7.8% this…

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In search of Copper, Nautilus Minerals digs deeper than any miner has dug before

We’ve looked on mountains, we’ve looked underground, we’ve even looked in outer space, but now – we are looking beneath the ocean. Deep-sea miners are gaining traction for recovery of…

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“Made in (North) America” Where do you get your Cobalt?

Cobalt mining has most certainly created a buzz in the last few years. With the popularity of electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries, cobalt is now in high demand. In 2011 cobalt…

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Cobalt demand unaffected by Tesla’s decision to use less cobalt in batteries

Tesla announced back in May that they were planning to reduce the cobalt in their batteries due to the concerns of child labour in the Congo, environmental and social concerns,…

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Australia Plans to be the Leaders in Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

Earlier this month, Australia’s scientific body has called out to the government, industry, and researchers to work together to tackle the problem of lithium-ion battery recycling. CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific…

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Nickel Creek Platinum Preparing for EV demand

Nickel Creek Platinum has begun an exploration project in the Yukon, Canada, which is one of the largest undeveloped nickel-copper sulphide and platinum group metals (PGM) deposits in North America….

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EMR sets sights on third copper mine in 18 months.

It’s looking as though Chile will be the home to the third copper mine for EMR Capital going into operation within 18 months. EMR has made a deal to buy BHP’s…

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