New Innovative Companies to Bring Change to the Mining Sector

Goldcorp Inc. has selected four finalists for its mining innovation competition – Acoustic Zoom Inc., EnviroLeach Technologies Inc., Llama Zoo Interactive Inc., and Open Mineral AG. Over 100 companies participated in the DisruptMining competition with the intention of bringing new ideas to the industry. The finalists compete in March of this year for a potential $1M in funding.

  • Acoustic Zoom uses high-frequency seismic imaging to map deep into the earth, with hopes to decrease survey costs by 90%.
  • EnviroLeach’s technology is a lower-impact alternative to cyanide in separating gold from rocks. Their solution contains 5 environmentally friendly ingredients to be mixed with water and used (and re-used) in an electrochemical process.
  • LlamaZoo Interactive is able to make virtual reality mine plans to make planning and execution easier.
  • Open Mineral AG has developed a digital platform where mining companies find buyers for mineral production that still requires more smelting. The idea is to replace the use of traders for matching buyers and sellers, to streamline the process and digitize to decrease time and paperwork.

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