Canada’s QMC Quantum Minerals Proposes to Mine Lithium

It’s no secret that lithium is in high demand, due to the trend of electric vehicles (EV) and clean energy. Many companies and start-ups are looking to mine this metal with the intention for use in batteries, but deposits are often too small to be financially feasible. QMC has acquired a historic lithium mine in Manitoba, Canada and is preparing for pilot testing, with the intention to start drilling in early 2019. Historic data from the mine shows 87% recovery, and production of high-grade concentrate, 5.9% lithium oxide. The lithium mineralization starts directly on the surface and stretches down to a known depth of 213 m. This makes open-pit mining a feasible option, which is relatively low-cost, compared to other extraction methods. The Irgon Lithium Mine is located approximately 150 km northeast of Winnipeg, and will be the second lithium mine to exist in North America, the first being Silver Peak Mine in Nevada. The Tesla ‘giga-factory’ on the other side of the state requires more lithium than Silver Peak can supply, meaning a huge potential for the Irgon Lithium Mine to meet these demands, keeping supply and transport intracontinental.

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