Wastewater Control

Hasky’s in-house developed HSJ-EC Electrochemical Technology can be used to remove heavy metals from wastewater efficiently and economically.  It is ideally suited for nonferrous metallurgy, chemicals, mining and beneficiation, power generation, leather, food, electroplating and other industries. The combination of electrolytic oxidation/reduction, electrolytic flocculation, and electrical floatation can remove not only heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, lead, zinc, chromium, copper, thallium but also ammonia, nitrogen, and organic substances.

Typical lower concentration limits for various contaminants include:

Cadmium         0.05ppm

Arsenic            0.5ppm

Lead                0.5ppm

Chromium       0.5ppm

HSJ-EC offers an advanced treatment performance, lower cost, high automation, and convenient operation.  Quick delivery and good scalability are ideal for projects of any size.

wastewater control
wastewater control