The original cyclone electrowinning technology, emewPlate, was developed over 20 years ago by emew (formerly Electrometals). With the unique helical flow coupled with high flow rate, emew electrowinning cells overcome issues with depletion zones commonly found in conventional electrowinning.  The result is higher purity metal and depletion to lower concentrations than possible with conventional electrowinning.  

The emewPlate cell is used for more concentrated electrolytes generally when the target metal concentration is greater than 10 g/L. The emewPlate cell is often used for recovering copper, nickel and tin cathode in a variety of applications including mining, refining, and recycling. The emewPlate cells can also be paired with solvent extraction (SX) and ion exchange (IX) when pre-concentration of the target metal is necessary.

emew plate electrowinning

Metal cathode is easily harvested by removing the upper end cap and using the specially designed harvester head and an overhead hoist. The reusable stainless steel starter sheet releases from the metal tube and is inserted back into the cell for the next plating cycle. This entire process typically takes as little as 30-60 seconds per cell. A cathode can weigh as much as 25 kg or approximately 50 lbs when harvested. The production rate of a single emewPlate cell can be as high as 15 kg/d depending on the metal and current density utilized.