Online Monitoring Equipment

Online monitoring needs to be accurate, reliable, continuous, accessible and cost effective.  The Hasky range of online monitoring equipment has been developed over 8 years in the field with over 2000 installations.  When selecting online monitoring systems accuracy and reliability are paramount and the Hasky range provides a very cost-effective way of meeting the highest government standards in state of the art equipment with flexible yet highly  secure connectivity.

The Hasky range includes 17 different models of equipment for heavy metal monitoring, 8 for water quality monitoring and a variety of Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) devices.

Water Quality Online Monitoring Analyzer
Water Quality

Water Quality Online Monitoring Analyzer

The water quality analyzer can monitor 8 different parameters such as COD, ammoniacal nitrogen, phosphorus, cyanide, etc. Water samples can be collected and analyzed automatically.

Hasky monitoring equipment is suitable for many different industrial applications including nonferrous metallurgy, electroplating, chemicals, etc.  

Online Analyzers

Online Analyzer for Heavy Metals

Hasky Online Analyzers for Heavy Metals can monitor 17 different metals including Cd, As, Pb, Cu, Ni, Mn, Fe, Zn, Co, Ge, Sb, Hg, Cr, Cr(VI).  Multi-parameter monitoring is also possible.

Hasky Online Analyzers deliver superior performance and support data sharing, transmission, and remote control. Automatic cleaning helps to avoid chemical contamination.

The equipment is suitable for nonferrous metallurgy, electroplating, chemicals, surface water, municipal wastewater, landfill leachate and drinking water analysis.

Gas Analyzers

Online Flue Gas Analyzer

Hasky’s Online Flue Gas Analyzer is a comprehensive system that samples and measures various parameters including particle size, sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen, oxygen, flow rate, temperature and pressure in the flue gas.

Online flue gas analysis features direct gas sampling, a separate flue gas pretreatment unit with 0.1um filtering, and includes automatic zero calibration with air in order to reduce drift and ensure monitoring accuracy. The advanced modular design with simple architecture allows for easy upgrades and scalability.