Metal Recycling

Metal recycling with emew improves margins and adds value to your bottom line by upgrading low grade, nonferrous feeds including PCB and WEEE metal concentrates that may be undervalued or difficult to sell/trade.

PCB AND WEEE Metal Recycling

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

As modern electronic technology continues to advance, so does the electronic waste that fills our landfills around the world.  Valuable metals found in these modern wastes can be economically recovered using emew electrowinning to create a new sustainable revenue stream. By diverting waste from landfills, environmental stewardship targets that reduce our global footprint, promote sustainable economies and eliminate environmental fees and fines are easily met and surpassed. Since metals are endlessly recyclable, many of our clients are successfully recycling copper, silver, gold, nickel and other valuable metals from electronic, industrial and other wastes.

metal recycling
New Value

Value Where Once There Was None

Businesses can find themselves face to face with rising operating costs, astronomical fees to process waste offsite and diminishing margins. To combat these challenges, emew corporation has striven to uncover hidden value from waste materials that may have gone previously unnoticed. The combination of purpose built process solutions coupled with proven emew technology enable hazardous waste streams to be economically treated saving on offsite processing fees, removal of unwanted metals to increase the value and/or purity of metals from electronic scrap, transform no- or low-value sludge into saleable metal concentrate(s), and offer on-site processing to achieve rapid inventory turnaround and payback.   These are just a few examples of how emew corporation can assist you with metal recycling and uncovering value from complex, difficult to treat materials and effluents.

Why emew®?

Higher purity, improved recovery, increased efficiency and lower operating costs with our patented emew® electrowinning process.

Maintenance and support services to maximize uptime and optimize your operational performance.

Customized technology packages to suit your requirements including outright emew plant purchase, plant rentals, and metal-as-a-service arrangements.

Confirm process design and operating parameters with our laboratory test programs, pilot/demo programs, flowsheet and general process development services, as well as feasibility studies.

Uncompromised safety and environmental performance for your personnel and operations.

United States metal recycling industry employs more than 130,000 people.

More than 100 million tones of scrap metals recycled every year in the world. The metals recycled from business, municipal and industrial applications reused  in various fields.

25,000 Statues of Liberty could be built with the copper recycled each year in the United States.