Metal Powders for Industrial Furnaces: Big Energy Savings

Metal powders have many uses industrially, but have been quoted for a potential new use in industrial furnaces, for their ability to hold their form at high temperatures, and their resistance to oxidation. High temperature heat treatment is an important step in products manufactured for integrated circuits, in smartphones, solar cells, and many steel and aluminum based products. Some materials designed to be components of these systems will deform overtime with heating, as heat treatment can involve temperatures up to 1 250ÂșC. Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) has developed two materials by powder metallurgy which have optimum microstructure, stability, and strength at high temperatures. These materials have the potential to be used in next generation of nuclear power plants, and large-scale solar power harvesting; they are cost-effective and can withstand (and function at) high temperatures. Harnessing these important characteristics: powder metallurgic materials may play a big role in the future of green energy supply.

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