System Sales and Rentals

Are you looking to purchase a metal recovery system to install in a greenfield or brownfield operation? Perhaps your project has a defined timeline with limited processing rate that is better suited to a rental? We are confident that emewCorporation has the right solution to meet your budget and project sensitivities.  

metal production

Our core business at emew has been design and supply of custom built metal recovery systems for a wide range of applications.  Provide us with the specifics of your project, production or waste treatment requirements, feed and/or product purity specifications and we can custom design and supply a metal recovery system to meet your process requirements. We can source components that seamlessly integrate with existing brownfield specifications, or to tie into a larger greenfield project with multiple vendors to facilitate installation and maintenance planning.  

electrowinning plant for sale

We recognize that some projects have a defined timeline (for example, 6 to 24 months) or recovery objective (for example, mine or refinery closure plans) that do not warrant an outright purchase of a custom-built system.  In these cases, emew offers rental and leasing options that may be better suited to these sensitivities.  

Equipment Audits

We take immense care to ensure that our equipment is of the highest quality and standard, maximizing longevity to our customers. As with any equipment, it depreciates, assessments and maintenance are vital to maximize their life span.


emewAudit is a complete assessment service for your emew plant, with a certified emew technician arriving onsite, providing a thorough inspection, comprehensive analysis, detailed report and essential recommendations. emewAudits strives to ensure your emew plant can operate optimally, capitalizing on its full value.

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