Environmental Remediation

Mine dumps and tailings runoff have been a challenge for mine operators and communities since human beings began mining centuries ago. Environmental stewardship and sustainable development are key to our future.  Proven emew technology solutions for old mine tailings and contaminated effluent streams help you meet environmental compliance and your metal recovery objectives.


Mine dumps, tailings, and low-grade residues often contain considerable metal values. The biggest challenge with these materials is the low relative concentrations of valuable metals within these previously processed materials coupled with the high tonnages. Metals such as copper, nickel, silver, gold and others can be recovered from low grade, mixed-metal materials with emew clean technologies. The key is being able to selectively concentrate the metal(s) of interest so that they can be recovered as high purity metal. Technology packages that harness the synergies of two or more complementary technologies are ideal for treating these low-grade waste materials to realize their full value.  


Clean technology solutions offered by emew are ideal for recovering metals from mine waters, runoffs and other difficult to treat discharges and wastewaters. Oxidized tailings resulting from natural weathering coupled with rain and runoff are a source of acid rock (ARD) which has plagued many communities and ecosystems on every continent.  The challenge with ARD is the relatively low metal concentrations, high acidity and high dissolved iron (usually as ferric) along with often high flow rates. emew electrowinning pairs well with ion exchange (IX) and solvent extraction (SX) to concentrate the metal values enabling recovery of high purity metals from ARD and other dilute mine waters, runoffs, and discharges.  The modular nature of these metal recovery systems enables them to be relocated at the end of one project with easy start-up at a new site just down the road or half a world away.  

Why emew?

Higher purity, improved recovery, increased efficiency and lower operating costs with our patented emew electrowinning process.

Maintenance and support services to maximize uptime and optimize your operational performance.

Customized technology packages to suit your requirements including outright emew plant purchase, plant rentals, and metal-as-a-service arrangements.

Confirm process design and operating parameters with our laboratory test programs, pilot/demo programs, flowsheet and general process development services, as well as feasibility studies.

Uncompromised safety and environmental performance for your personnel and operations.

Mining has a huge impact on the air quality. Particulate matter is released in the process of mining and can contain metals such as arsenic, cadmium or lead.

Mining can cause physical alterations to the landscape. Noise pollution and other changes can drive away wildlife and flora.

One of the outcomes of mining is effluent, that contains metals, acid mine drainage and increased sediment levels. The increased acidity levels in water destroys fauna and flora and is unacceptable for drinking.