Performance Optimization

Performance optimization monitors plant availability but also reports on how each individual cell is operating to ensure that the plant is operating consistently and at optimum efficiency.  By monitoring each individual cell, problems that occur occasionally such as hot spots, anode coating wear, current imbalance, and short circuits can be identified and rectified very quickly and easily before the cost of rectification or loss of production increases.

Energy Audits

An energy audit on the plant ensures that the plant is operating at optimum efficiency in producing the maximum amount of metal at the lowest possible energy consumption. An energy audit is recommended on an annual basis to spot and improve areas for energy loss including:

  • Poor solution characteristics leading to low current efficiency
  • Efficient operating window for metals concentration and current density
  • High number of short circuits leading to loss of efficiency
  • Stray currents
  • Poor conversion of AC power to DC (Usually when plant is operating at low volumes)
  • Poor current balance
  • High pumping power

Safety Audit

All emew systems are designed with intrinsic safety features. Our safety audits are designed to ensure safe operations at the plant but also to review the often simple safety procedures that can be missed by someone operating the plant day in and day out. The safety audit includes:

  • Review of operating practice with operators and ensuring that they are aware of key safety features of the system with safe start up and shut down
  • On the spot training focused on the results of the safety audit
  • Review of condition of plant and ancillary equipment
  • Upgrades available for improved plant safety
  • Review and written response on any near miss situation (if applicable)
  • Recommendations from customers on safety improvements to be reviewed and responded to by the emew design team
emew performance optimization

Anode Condition Management

Anodes are a bit like tires on a car: they will eventually need replacing. Just like tires on a car, it is important to ensure that you have the correct anode coating for the operating environment and that you check on the status of the coating and general condition of the anode from time to time. This will ensure that you are able to maximize the life of the anode coating and replace at the optimum time to maintain plant performance and minimize the cost of replacement.

Most of the time the anode coating can be replaced and emew has developed on-site testing methods to check on anode coating condition. With our anode coating supplier we have developed a knowledge base of the best coatings for various conditions as well as simple, low-cost replacement methods when it comes time to change the coating.

Anode condition management ensures that your plant performance is maintained at all times and the anode condition is monitored continuously by our online voltage monitoring system and interpretative software as well as regular physical spot checks on site.  This ensures trouble-free plant operation and minimizes operating cost of the anodes.


Refits and Technology Upgrades

At emew, we are continuously striving to improve the technology and application base.  Based on customer input on how we can improve the technology and support, we have worked with experts on our advisory board to push the boundaries of the technology further and even established a state-of-the-art development center to test our new upgrades before offering them to our customers. Some of the recent and upcoming upgrades include:

  • Online performance monitoring
  • New safer and acid resistant cell mounting plates
  • New cell safety insulators
  • Larger cells with smaller footprint – step change in economies of scale
  • Smaller, lower cost and more efficient rectifiers