emewNet Remote Management System

emewNet with Continuous Performance Monitoring

Real-time, remote performance monitoring comes standard with all emew systems to ensure they meet or exceed the design performance. Often plant performance can slip and production is lost before the issues can be rectified. Online plant performance monitoring offered by emew ensures that the plant is monitored 24 hours per day and emergency situations can be flagged immediately to allow for necessary plant adjustments. Weekly reporting mechanisms are also provided.

All emew plants are now supplied with emewNet Management System to ensure that they are operating efficiently at all times. We continually measure the operating condition of the cell. Just like monitoring a pulse and blood pressure reading in a hospital, our remote monitoring allows us to see what is happening inside the cell at all times. The real-time information is displayed graphically and, where necessary, can notify you of process irregularities.

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The Benefit: Less Worry, More Productivity

Our process management software identifies trends in the operation to detect small changes over time that may impact performance.  Even when everything is operating as it should, we report your plant performance in an easy to read format highlighting areas that require attention and can be addressed at your next scheduled service. We track your performance to ensure ongoing improvements in the plant operation.  If there is something urgent detected you will be informed immediately to determine if we dispatch one of our qualified technicians.

Availability Maximization

When a plant is not operating, production is lost. Online plant availability tracking and 24/7 performance monitoring provide management a vital tool to determine if there are any chronic operational problems with the plant that can be addressed to improve uptime and plant performance.  

Often our customers are in remote locations and while regular visits by emew personnel can identify and rectify problems with plant operations, the plant availability tracking and benchmarking service can identify problems and trends very quickly to minimize downtime and lost production.


Partnering with a leading manufacturer of process instrumentation, emew has developed proprietary sensors for copper, nickel and silver ions.  These sensors enable online, real-time determination of metal concentrations for the ultimate in process control and operation management.  When used in conjunction with emewNet, emewSense opens up a world of possibilities to fully automate your operation resulting in cost savings, production efficiencies, and waste reduction.  Welcome to a world of enhanced process automation with emewSense.

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