Metal Production

Are you looking for the most advanced technology to recover non-ferrous metals such as Copper, Silver, Nickel, Tin and others from low-grade, mixed-metal waste materials, residues, and effluent streams? Your solution to maximize recovery, minimize waste and recover high purity metals is emew. Customers in mining, refining, recycling, wastewater treatment and powder metallurgy have turned to emew for their most demanding resource recovery applications.  

metal production

Advanced Liberators for Copper Refineries

Liberator circuits are critical in copper refineries to control copper and impurity levels in the electrolyte.  Often these circuits are plagued with inefficiencies such as poor quality of copper cathode, large copper recycles, acid mist, hazardous arsine generation, low-grade copper sludge and so on. The most advanced liberators for copper refineries are emew electrowinning cells.  The unique cell design delivers high-grade saleable cathode (even from secondary liberators) improved current and energy efficiency, improved copper and impurity control over a range of concentrations, recycling of acid and reduction in effluents.  The health and safety benefits with emew electrowinning cells for copper liberators are second to none with no handling of hazardous sludge, no risk of arsine exposure, no acid mist, no lead anodes and solid cathodes that are safe to handle.  Converting existing liberator cells to refining cells can further increase production that in itself can pay off the investment for the upgrade to emew.  Additional value can be gained by using emew to electrowin nickel as cathode from the de-copperized effluent.  The choice is clear, the most advanced liberators for copper refineries have emew inside.

Copper Solvent Extraction (SX) Bleed

Heap leaching has remained a staple technique for centuries to recover copper from low-grade oxide deposits.  As with all hydrometallurgical processes, there is an intrinsic need to bleed a portion of electrolyte for impurity control.  In the case of solvent extraction (SX), this bleed often ends up in the raffinate pond which negatively impacts the leach efficiency in the heap. High-grade saleable copper cathode can be recovered from SX bleed streams using emew electrowinning, which also improving overall copper recovery in the heap.  As the heap nears the end of its life, recovering the most copper units is critical to ensure profitability and successful decommissioning. The unique emew electrowinning technology lets you recover more copper units from your heap leach operation.

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Revolutionize your silver refining process with emew

Silver refining demands technology that can offer the highest purity coupled with advanced security features and low working capital or Work-in-Progress (WIP). Silver purity exceeding 5N’s (that is to say 999.99) is typical with emew. No other technology can produce this purity of silver in the presence of impurities such as copper, lead, selenium and others.

A completely enclosed system, emew eliminates acid mist and promotes a safer environment for operators and management.  The emew silver refining system is low maintenance, worry-free, and fully automatic with minimal labour requirements. 

The high purity silver powder is automatically harvested using a flush through technology to a single collection point ensuring the utmost security, with no losses and simplified metallurgical accounting. A single batch can be processed in as little as 8 hours significantly reducing working capital or WIP which in itself can pay for the upgrade to emew.

Enhanced security, improved metallurgical accounting and significantly reduced working capital make emew the ideal fit for your silver refinery or metal recovery operation. Do you have little space for an expansion or retrofit? These systems are compact with 1000 kg/day production capacity fitting into as little as 25 m2 (269 ft2).

silver production

Electrowinning nickel has never been easier than with emew

If you are familiar with nickel electrowinning, you know that it comes with its own set of challenges and complexities.  To overcome these, emew has developed the nickel process which enables nickel to be recovered directly as high purity cathode. The commercially proven nickel process recovers high purity nickel cathode without complex diaphragms that are necessary with conventional electrowinning. This unique process can be used to recover high purity nickel from a variety of secondary, waste and byproduct streams including:

Wastewater and sludges

Nitric acid nickel strip solutions

Nickel-copper sulfate pickle solutions

Nickel sulphate in black acid refinery bleed

Waste nickel carbonate or nickel hydroxides

Spent watts solutions

Nickel chloride plating solutions

Electroless nickel (EN)


The Most Efficient Tin Electrowinning Technology

Tin is one of the most difficult metals to electrowin.  Fortunately, emew makes tin recovery simple with the unique cell design coupled the experience of our process specialists.  If you have a challenging tin recovery application, emew offers the ideal solution for recovering tin at purities that exceed 99.9% with lower lead content. Don’t be fooled by imposters, make sure your tin process has emew inside.

tin production